Men’s Monthly Classes


The training & Discipleship of men is more than an important program in the life of any church. It is the great priority found in the Great Commission.

It is the ultimate proof of effective ministry and genuine church growth. It is the will of God and the desire of Jesus. There must be a priority on the discipleship & training of men because…

  • Men need accountability but loath the idea of it…
  • Men need relationships with other men but have a phobia of it…
  • Men are the catalyst of the home but have grown numb to their potential.

“How do we train men that are self-reliant, don’t feel, don’t need fellowship, are too macho and are very competitive?”

The reality is that Men must be taken through a process of maturing in Christ one step at a time.

Raising the bar

The reality is that men need the bar raised within their lives, We believe that this gives a man something to aim at.

If we Lower the bar too low, we will encourage men to live in mediocrity..

Men's classes 2015

As a church we strongly believe in raising up men for the purposes of the Kingdom of God… So make some time and join us in these men’s classes..